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Khadam Milk Foods prides itself on Quality, Diversity, Experience, Technical Knowledge, Service and Industry Understanding. Quality Assurance is kept in mind when manufacturing products. All products adhere to Pakistan Government export quality requirements and are manufactured under strict Total Quality Assurance programs. Diversity, KMF's product range includes dairy products and dairy based food ingredients. KMF's can also locate the product you require if we do not currently handle it. Experience, KMF's Directors and staff are vastly experienced in the Pakistan as well as International food markets. Technical Knowledge, KMF have a number of technically qualified staff aiding in solutions to an ever changing food processing industry. Service, KMF responds quickly to all enquiries, giving competitive prices, as well as specifications and information on the products concerned. Industry Understanding, KMF co-ordinates production of food products in Pakistan with the needs of international customers.


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Khadam Milk Foods Having dedicated employees and highly trained technical staff to ensure adherence of high quality products and timely deliveries. Because when the world demands the best, the KMF Group believes that it must provide the best. Our co production brands Ravi Desi Ghee, Montgomery Desi Ghee, Khadam”s Desi Ghee, Cheddar Cheese, Prime cheese, Danish Mozzarella cheese, Pizza Cheese, Burger Special Chees, Slice Chees and Burger Cheese (Slice) is being produced since 1956.
A lot of other companies are doing the same. What we have is superior product quality and value. And that makes us the preferred choice of many prestigious foreign buyers.
To be a leader in dairy food industry by providing enhanced services, relationship and profitability for the home land.
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Happy Life

Our dairy products ensure a happy life with quality and hygienic standards.

Care Our Customers

Our prestigious customers are our asset.

Healthy Life

Our dairy products ensure a healthy life

with quality and hygienic standards.

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  • Cheddar Cheese

  • Mozzarella Cheese

  • Desi Ghee

  • Butter

Our Skills are excellent


Our overall business attitude is shaped by our overall value care.


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We prefer our customer satisfaction up to the required standards.


Our skilled and qualified staff is providing outstanding customer care through innovations created by talented employees.

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Khadam Husain

Khadam Husain


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Haji Sohail Anjum Ansari

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Shahzad Anjum Ansari

Shahzad Anjum Ansari

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Sheraz  Anjum Ansari

Sheraz Anjum Ansari

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