Lahore (News Desk) Pure Desi Ghee is used as a favorite food in Pak & Hind continent. According to the thousands years research of latest scientific and yunani Medicine (tibb yunani) that Desi Ghee is essential for the taste of food. Following are the benefits of Desi ghee.


Desi Ghee produces excellent taste in food and used for centuries in food.

❖ Food becomes delight by using Desi Ghee.
❖ Fatty acids of Desi Ghee help to reduce weight and fats to balance the energy system of body.
❖ Acids and fibers of Desi Ghee improves digestion & excretion system of human body rather than other oils.
❖ According to latest research it provides mental satisfaction by decreasing the formation of negative emotional chemicals in the brain.
❖ Desi Ghee has a long life even few samples of Desi Ghee lasts for hundred years without refrigerator.
❖ Desi ghee is prepared from butter undergoes the process of milk to yogurt and then butter.
❖ Desi Ghee contains a huge quantity of vitamins E and AD that gives direct carbohydrates to body.
❖ Desi Ghee is beneficial for lever too.
❖ Desi Ghee also contain moderate level of fatty acid which is a source of storing energy in body.
❖ Traditional Desi Ghee is used for inflammation & also in medicines for a centuries.
❖ Desi Ghee is prepared by melting'butter that can be usable for many months if preserved properly. If stored in refrigerator it can be usable for couple of years.


Strong export cartons of 25 kgs net

Shelf Life:

12 Months


Ice cream, bakery and confectionery, Cooking Item