KHADAM'S Un-Salted Butter

Unsalted Butter is churned exclusively from sweet cream. No salt or additional coloring material is used. All standards, specifications, and requirements for Punjab Food Authority are met. Product is manufactured in accordance with good manufacturing practices in a plant which has been surveyed and approved for inspection or grading service by Punjab Food Authority.


Production Applications and Functionality:

Unsalted Butter is used in consumer packaging, baking, prepared foods, vegetables, and confections

Storage & Shipping::

Bulk Butter should be kept in poly-lined cartons under refrigerated (32°F to 38°F; 0°C to 3°C) conditions for up to 30 days or frozen (-10°F to -20°F; -23°C to -29°C) for up to one (1) year. Butter must be stored away from high aromatic foods and in storage rooms with controlled relative humidity (80-85%)


Bulk Butter Package 1KG (55.115 lb.) or 68 lb blocks